Portrait of Play, Week 20


We went fishing with G and Papu on a lake that was being drained for maintenance. We hadn’t been to the lake since this time, and it looked completely different. The girls spent some time “fishing” and playing in the dirt/mud. There were tons of freshwater clam shells for Winnie to play with and try to eat, and Charlotte found sticks to use to write, poke holes, and rearrange into a giant rectangle for a tea party. Chuck propped up her fishing pole, and we left to walk around the lake in hopes that Winnie would take a nap since she didn’t go to sleep until 4 am the previous night. Her sleep has been a complete mess lately. She’s getting a molar and another tooth (her teeth have come in all out of order), and they seem to be killing her. Since we were staying at the farm in close proximity to many other people who were trying to sleep, I was trying to comfort her which really didn’t help matters. These days, I’m barely awake all day even after several cups of coffee; I’m short tempered, unmotivated, and mopey. I’m even too tired to feel sentimental about Charlotte turning 4 this week. Sorry, girl. Still, the weather was perfect, the walk was therapeutic, and Winnie took a catnap. Chuck was a trooper (even when she had to take an emergency poop in the woods). G taught Charlotte about how they used to put a piece of grass in their mouth and let it hang out to look cool, and I remembered doing that too. As a retired science teacher, she had plenty of other interesting things to share along the way as well. When we got closer to where James and Papu were fishing, Charlotte excitedly said, “I wonder if I caught any fish.” I laughed having forgotten that her fishing pole had been propped up. She raced ahead to check, but nope, no fish for the birthday girl.














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