Portrait of Play 2017, Week 25


I’m not going to lie, when the opportunity came up to spend some time at the lake, I was not super excited. The thought of watching 3 non swimmers on a dock all day did not sound the least bit relaxing to me. It was Father’s Day weekend, and James wanted to go though, so we went. I knew I would have a great time if I decided to, and a forecast of rainclouds changed to sunshine when we got there, making the case for happiness impossible to resist. Plus, it was a vacation weekend, and it was a freaking lake. I just needed to get over my tired self and pack up all the shit and get over all the laundry I knew I would have to do when I got back. I also had friends in town I hadn’t seen since high school that I hated to leave, but luckily they are moving here, so I will get to see them often soon. In the end, we had a great time of course.

Everyone had played hard on the lake all day. They came in for supper and showers, and then I was lucky that they wanted to go back out to the dock in pajamas to hang out some more. They waded in the water, drew in the mud, and skipped some stones. They pretty much undid the cleaning that the shower had done, but I’d say it was worth it. Chuck cut her toe on a rock, and she went up to the house at the top of the steep hill to see if she could find a bandaid. She came back empty handed and settled for a blade of grass to be a bandaid.

I’ve completely lost any sense of control over Winnie’s pacifier use. She’s obsessed with her “awoo” as she calls it, and when I muster the strength to take it away, she starts putting her thumb in her mouth, and I relinquish control now to potentially have control to take it away later. Chuck is still a thumbsucker, and when she was two she said she would stop sucking it when she was three. Then when she turned three she said she would be done at four, then five, and now she says she will be done with it at 6. So maybe a pacifier right now is not so bad. Plus, she looks more like a baby with it in her mouth, and I like that. We stayed out along the shore until there was no more light. It’s my absolute favorite time of the day, and I’ll admit it was completely relaxing.


Oh, and Roland was on me, and I forgot to take a picture of him. I’ll be sharing more pictures from our lake trip and plenty of him on my other blog soon.