Portrait of Play 2018, Week 18


Oven mitts, easel clips, and a piece of a barn. Sometimes it’s the mix of the found objects right there at your grasp that are the perfect recipe for creation.

I have fallen out of having any sort of organized routine around my portrait project at this point in my life. I have to rely on my impulsive need to capture their moments of play to remember to photograph them at all these days. My impulse to photograph them is strongest in these moments when they are doing nothing and everything at the same time, when the perfect combination of boredom, sibling friendship, and random objects at hand creates the fodder for interesting interactions and creative explorations.

I’m trying to mostly be curious when taking pictures of my children lately, using the lens as a magnifying glass to collect clues into who these people are, wondering if there is anything I can find out that will help them in their own discovery later in life. While I’m struggling to keep up with this project, it has everything to do with the different pieces of life that take priority at different times and nothing to do with my interest in photographing the same people in the same places week after week. I feel like I’ve got a long ways to go before I tire of that.














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