Portrait of Play project, week 2


Sometimes play is not linear, not contained in one space or story line. Today’s play observation was all over the place. I sat waiting for Charlotte to get settled into her activity. Instead, she bounced from wanting to play with her babies, to wanting to get out her tunnel, to wanting to play with her barn. She started developing a story with her babies (taking them to her aunt’s house), but then she went downstairs to get something and got lost in another world with different babies and a different course of action, the previous plot on pause. My mind works the same way, laundry baskets left half folded, projects upon projects started and stopped (to be resumed of course), sentences left unfinished because something else came to mind, and rooms left awaiting paint and trim for years sometimes. Our house is in construction and unorganized, and Chuck’s play things are scattered throughout every room (because after 2 1/2 years, she is still waiting for one of her own). The environment is certainly not contributing to a relaxed longterm attention to any one set of materials or location, but Charlotte is engaged and independent. She is constant activity and fully attentive to the idea on her mind at the time. She rarely needs me for interaction or entertainment. She would much rather drag stools all around the house and climb to get what she needs than ask me for help. I tried not to be disappointed that the time I chose to document play was as scattered as I am, but I was able to see and hear in action many of the new concepts that Chuck has been developing lately. “Not yet, mom,” is a favorite when it’s time to change course. Charlotte’s babies are her “friends” now (as is everyone else). She fed them bread (poker chips) out of a bag that was “heavy.” She took the bread out and smelled it and, “ew, the baby does not like that.” She kept smelling it and gagging and checking to see if the baby would like it. We didn’t clean up tonight, so maybe the stories will continue tomorrow…or not.



One thought on “Portrait of Play project, week 2

  1. I love that you can see your personality in her! That must be so awesome to see as a mom. I also admire how independent she is. She will definitely be a trailblazer with that imagination of hers (: As always, your photos are awesome. I especially love the last one. The colors and her expression are a perfect.

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