Portrait of Play 2017, Week 32


Progress in the playroom came to an abrupt halt when James wound up in the hospital. It was pretty close to being done, but I was in no hurry to start moving things in anyways. The girls have really loved playing in the space as is because the cabinets have been perfect as nondescript climbing structures and play settings. The other day the girls decided to make a restaurant and play family/school. As is often the case, I was the mom, Charlotte was the big kid, Winnie was the toddler, and Roland was the baby (although Winnie wanted to be the baby, she always wants to be the baby). I find it so funny that they want to play pretend the actual life they live. Maybe it’s because when I pretend to be the mom, I pretend to be the mom from Daniel Tiger, and I’m way nicer to my kids. To be fair, they are way more cooperative when we are pretending to be a family as well (although that could be because I’m being nicer…). James came home, and they gave him some food as well, and Atlas even got to have some real food as part of the play. Winnie also has a little dog she is dog sitting that belongs to the family I nanny. She named him Atlas and took him over to her cousin’s house and returned with a leash for him. Roland was way too excited when they started pretending to feed him food. He has never had any food, but I’m pretty sure he would love it if I gave it to him. I am going to hold off as long as I feel good about it as I am not interested in adding another element to our daily routine that I feel like I’m still a month away from finding.















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