Portrait of Play 2017, Week 11


Charlotte asked me if she could put makeup on me. I let her. I can count how many times a year on one hand that I wear makeup (and by makeup I mean mascara, although Charlotte was also able to find some eye shadow and powder). After decorating my face, she got out the body crayons and decorated my belly. When I got up to help Winnie with something in the other room, she escaped to the bathroom to put makeup on her own face. Somehow Winnie became of a victim too before I had the sense to put it all up. Later in the day she had her hair braided by her cousin (the same one who is responsible for giving her the choker). The braids had fallen out by the time we got home, but this is all to explain why Charlotte looks like a goth girl in these photographs.

James has been working on the playroom after he gets home from work, and when we get home after nannying, the girls always love to peek in on the progress and offer a helping hand. James enjoys the distraction of involving the girls in the process, and the girls have fun using all the tools. Little by little we are making progress. Hopefully we will have the gusto to finish all the rest of the house projects in the coming years without any more baby nesting phases to nudge us more quickly forward.
















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