Portrait of play project, week 6


Charlotte found a puddle on her way inside the house after picking her up from daycare. She took off her muddy boots, and I started making dinner. While fiddling around in the kitchen with me, she said she wanted to go outside. I could tell James was paying attention with interest to what my answer might be from the living room. With piles of vegetables prepped on the counter, I decided to postpone dinner and go outside to enjoy the somewhat warm evening. After all, who’s going to deny a child from some puddle jumping fun. But then James was excited to join us and got out this airplane that has been sitting around our house since Christmas (not quite sure who it came from or who it was for) and followed us out the back door. So this play observation was more of an observation of James’ play…as he sort of took over, but I absolutely love the way that Charlotte watches James and gets excited about playing with him. They put the plane together and wound up the propellor to fly it off the deck. Charlotte was so animated about the plane going up in the sky and quickly plummeting to the ground because it didn’t work very well. After a few failed attempts, she got distracted by a swimming pool filled with rainwater (the biggest puddle in the backyard) while James kept working on his technique. Chuck stepped into the pool, and rather than sinking into the mud, she slipped on the plastic and fell into the cold water. Perfect timing for me to get back to dinner preparations.

PortraitofPlayW6-1PortraitofPlayW6-18 PortraitofPlayW6-23 PortraitofPlayW6-26 PortraitofPlayW6-33PortraitofPlayW6-37PortraitofPlayW6-30PortraitofPlayW6-44 PortraitofPlayW6-45 PortraitofPlayW6-53


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