Are you ready for some football?


Superbowl Sunday. Uncle Daniel recently moved in, and it was time to take a trip to the store to get some sports equipment, and maybe some gummy bears. The sky threatened rain, so the park was ours. All ours.

2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-4 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-12 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-17 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-26 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-27 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-35 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-43 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-65 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-74  2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-96 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-102 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-105 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-106 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-112 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-138 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-135 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-144 2Feb15SuperbowlSunday-167


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