Portrait of play, Week 26


Week 26. Half a year. I really wanted to celebrate making it through half the year with a video, but 20 minutes of footage seemed too daunting to watch and edit in time to share with this post. It’s unfortunate because there are no pictures or words to describe the sweetest coos that escape from Winnie as she explores the range of her voice. I don’t think Charlotte ever did that, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention or just don’t remember. Sometimes Winnie will cry and all of a sudden start playing with her voice. I die every time. In the pictures, you also can’t hear Charlotte’s quirky noises she makes or how she hums and sings to herself as she plays. As she was taking the stickers off the sheet, she started singing, “Take it off, take it off,” over and over to the tune of Shake it Off, or maybe she was actually saying “shake it off.” When I record Charlotte’s voice and listen to the playback, I feel like I hear her more like how others hear her voice. Many people have a difficult time understanding Charlotte; she is very shy and struggles with articulation. When I hear her speak in real time, I hear what I know she is trying to say, how it is supposed to be said. When I hear it on video, I hear it more like the way it probably sounds to others. I have reveled in our secret language and my role as her valuable translator. Chuck is getting more confident with talking to others, and they are starting to understand her more. I want to remember her sing song voice at this point in her speech development.

This sticker mayhem was sandwiched between some doll play. I was trying to get Charlotte to take a nap with me, but she was too involved with feeding her baby. She recently realized that she can take the lid off the magna tiles bin to make a highchair tray for her little rocking chair. Between meticulously laying out blankets and feeding her baby, Charlotte would check on Winnie. And then she found the stickers. I have no idea where she found them. First, she gave me a sticker. Then Winnie needed a sticker, and then Winnie needed her face covered in stickers apparently. I let it go until Charlotte was trying to put a sticker on her chin while holding her face a bit too tightly, nearly putting the sticker in her mouth. Honestly, Winnie didn’t seem to mind, but it started to bother me, so I told her she had to stop. So, she started putting them on her doll instead. After her doll got stickered and unstickered, she got strapped into a suitcase (great buckling and zipping practice) and taken on a trip in the car (couch) until I really did need that nap to happen for both of us.

PortraitofPlayW26-5 PortraitofPlayW26-8PortraitofPlayW26-7  PortraitofPlayW26-9 PortraitofPlayW26-10 PortraitofPlayW26-11 PortraitofPlayW26-22PortraitofPlayW26-21PortraitofPlayW26-13 PortraitofPlayW26-14      PortraitofPlayW26-30   PortraitofPlayW26-34 PortraitofPlayW26-36 PortraitofPlayW26-39   PortraitofPlayW26-40 PortraitofPlayW26-43 PortraitofPlayW26-45 PortraitofPlayW26-47 PortraitofPlayW26-51


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