Although I dread the dark mornings of daylight savings time, I get so excited about the lengthened evening light. We have been exhausted from lingering too long outside, pushing back dinner and bedtimes until way past the point of next day normalcy. Poor Chuck fell asleep at the table at her daycare when I picked her up one day this week. But these gorgeous days for gathering sticks and digging in the dirt in our neglected backyard without mosquitos aren’t to be wasted. I just hope I don’t have this baby before my spring break, so I can get a full week of outdoor play and work using two hands.

8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-15 8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-18 8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-22 8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-25 8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-43  8Mar15DayLightSavingsYardWork-49



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