Three seems like a big deal. By age 3, 85 percent of the brain’s structures are formed, and there is already an income based word gap of around 600 words. In the first three years, 700 new neural connections are made every second. Chuck has now passed these dynamic years of development. There will be continued growth for many years, but the foundation has been laid, pathways have been established. It feels permanent. Charlotte’s personality is pretty much what it will be as an adult. 

Yet, three is still so little. When I first started working with little kids, someone kindly reminded me that the children I was working with had only been living in the world for around 1,095 days. When children learn to roll, crawl, stand, walk, run, talk, joke, and sing within that time, it’s hard to not attribute adult understanding and behavior expectations to them. It’s hard to not want them to experience everything already. Yet, this little curious girl reminds me daily with her constant “why?” and “what is that?”  that she’s still figuring it all out. She can do so much on her own now, but there are so many more experiences to discover, songs to sing, and so much time left to learn…when she is ready. 

Happy birthday, Chuck! On this day and every day, we celebrate your independence, your sense of humor, the way you give love, and your playfulness. We celebrate you!

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