Portrait of Play 2018, Week 10


There’s nothing pretty about the photos I’m taking these days. We’re a complete mess. It’s just the way it is for right now…but I can honestly say my kids are having a pretty great time as it is, and I guess that’s pretty important.

Winnie had made those sticker lady faces that were terribly disturbing, and the girls built a fort, and just as I set about to see what they were up to, it all came down. The fort was forsaken for the box slide, and then somehow we all ended up in the dog room where Atlas sleeps on an old diaper changing pad next to an elliptical machine that Chuck uses more than me. The kids have been “making soup” a lot lately in the dryer with random clothes and things and people they find in the room. Somehow the ammonia stench from the cloth diapers doesn’t keep them from playing in there.










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