Portrait of Play 2017, Week 50

2017, POP, Week 50-11

My kids play family all day long. I’m often instructed to be the teenager or the mom to help them fill in the character gaps for their family story. Roland also often gets brought in as the baby. He’s getting less and less cooperative as the baby in their stories, and he’s getting a little too big to be easily cradled and hoisted around. These days are the best days; staying a little longer in our pajamas, leaving messes on the floor, letting the day unfold as it may with nowhere we need to go.

2017, POP, Week 50-2

2017, POP, Week 50-3

2017, POP, Week 50-5

2017, POP, Week 50-6

2017, POP, Week 50-8

2017, POP, Week 50-9

2017, POP, Week 50-12

2017, POP, Week 50-13

2017, POP, Week 50-14


2017, POP, Week 50-17

2017, POP, Week 50-18



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