Portrait of Play 2017, Week 49

2017, POP, Week 49-1

That time when it snowed and Roland wanted to be napping, but I was worried it would all melt and he wouldn’t get to see it so I kept him up for just a bit. I found him taking a little nap under the tree while I finished finding hats and mittens and coats for the girls. Chuck was as happy as she could be playing in the snow all day long as it kept snowing and snowing. It was the most snow I have ever seen in Atlanta since we moved almost 9 years ago. Throughout the day she went outside enough times that every warmish article of winter wear we could find to fit her was all wet by the end of the day. Winnie wasn’t a fan so much. I guess she doesn’t like being cold just like her mama.

2017, POP, Week 49-2

2017, POP, Week 49-3

2017, POP, Week 49-4

2017, POP, Week 49-5

2017, POP, Week 49-10

2017, POP, Week 49-11

2017, POP, Week 49-12

2017, POP, Week 49-13

2017, POP, Week 49-15

2017, POP, Week 49-16

2017, POP, Week 49-17

2017, POP, Week 49-18

2017, POP, Week 49-20

2017, POP, Week 49-21

2017, POP, Week 49-25


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