Portrait of Play 2017, Week 48


We were FaceTiming with Darlene and fluffing the branches of the new artificial tree we had just purchased. This was the first year we have had a traditional tree for Christmas. James and I spent all of the previous years making a new tree every year. I knew last year would be our last year doing that though. Charlotte really wanted to decorate a tree and hang up ornaments and participating with her cousins and grandparents as they decorated their trees was not enough. Since I’m allergic to real trees, we weren’t left with a lot of options. I wanted a tinsel tree, but James wanted something that somewhat resembled a real tree. When getting out the few decorations we did have, we found all the green felt pieces we used to make a tree a few years ago. Chuck and Winnie turned them into ice skates and had a blast skating around the kitchen. We’ve been joking that Winnie is Tonya Harding. Charlotte makes a pretty compelling Nancy Kerrigan as well. Also, Charlotte has been wearing a Christmas dress every single day. She rotates through the huge collection of hand me down Christmas dresses she has, and I love it.













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