Portrait of Play 2017, Week 47


James has been working  a lot in our backyard. It started with an argument about where he should build a playhouse. I wanted it in one location. He wanted it in a different location. After consulting with others, the playhouse has been put on hold, and efforts have been focused on clearing out more of the back property by the creek and filling in some sections with dirt and rock. Lucky for us, we had about a pool’s worth of dirt available, so James brought truck loads over, and we all pitched in to dump and rake the dirt. Charlotte insisted on wearing her white dress (she always chooses to wear a dress. Always.) I knew it would get dirty, but I compromised with her wearing an apron over it. Winnie went for an apron too. Roland and I helped for a little bit, and then just as I was debating getting his carseat and putting him in the cab of the pickup so I could actually be of some help, I realized we had that little car now I could strap him into. The girls love working outside. I remember hearing or reading about how only as we grow up do we make divisions between what is work and what is play. For kids all play is work and work is play. James and I are both pretty lucky that our work feels a lot like play and also that our choice of play looks a lot like work. My hope is that the kids grow up with this same desire to play and work and make and do.





















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