Portrait of Play 2017, Week 27


I was told not to bring the kids to the hospital, but then we talked to the nurses, and they said it was up to us. We could get to James’ room through a side entrance where we could avoid walking through the hospital, so I went ahead and brought them. I figure if there’s any sort of probability about unlucky circumstances, we are safely on the side of nothing else that could go wrong for awhile. Of course the little hospital room was very exciting to the kids and actually the bed was quite comfortable with lots of fun buttons to push. The kids enjoyed their time making lots of funny faces in a not so funny place. I’m kind of out of energy to write about everything right now. I’ve written a letter of appeal, emails to people who work in insurance and law, and tons of text messages to James and everyone else. You can read more about this whole thing here. Bottom line: we’re fine, we will be fine, we may be forever in debt, but who cares. Thank goodness for family. Having James’ family near has been incredibly helpful, and my mom came to the rescue because moms are crazy like that. I can’t believe she decided to make a 20 hour drive by herself, but I am much less crazy right now than I would otherwise be had she not come down. I think I’ve talked her into staying for a little while, so I’m sure next week you’ll get to hear about some of the fun that she has been having with the kids.

And since I’m late on publishing this post I get to add that James got to come home from the hospital last night after 9 days.














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