Portrait of Play 2017, Week 20


Mother’s Day. Pinworms. Chuck’s birthday. It was a busy, emotional, and physically exhausting week. I feel terrible that both of the girls’ birthdays were glossed over this year; Winnie’s in the shadow of Roland’s birth, and Chuck’s nearly forgotten due to the pinworm outbreak. Both girls got some Playmobil to add to their collection for their birthdays, so the little pieces have been out for a while now. They were outside, then they were being used in the kitchen by the back door, and now they have made their way to the living room. Chuck kept getting frustrated because her attempts to set them up were often destroyed by herself, Winnie, or Atlas. As a kid, I used to spend hours setting up Playmobil creations with my sisters. I especially remember making a zoo in our gravel driveway in the summer. We would get the hose out to make rivers for the animals. The girls were waiting for me to help set them up, as I was busy ensuring that this would be our only pinworm infestation for a while. While waiting for me, Charlotte rotated between playing with Roland on the couch, playing with the Playmobil, and doing puzzles at the table. Winnie went between packing and unpacking her purse, sending little kids down the slide, and putting the horses in the barn. Roland, he’s just as chill as can be. Charlotte uses him as a baby doll, Winnie uses him as an audience, and I use him as an excuse to sit down every couple hours when he finally starts fussing after I have ignored his cues that he needs to eat for too long.



















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