Portrait of Play, Week 5


Well, I promise I was not intending to document our play in the backyard again, really. But, James took the girls outside to build a fire, and then they started doing wheelbarrow rides, and I decided to play with a lens I never use.

I hit the 30 week mark, and everyone is kind of panicking. Charlotte has had significant meltdowns daily. Significant. James decided to tear out a room of the house, and luckily got the drywall up before throwing his back out. This has been the routine of every pregnancy. I’m sure running around with the girls in a wheelbarrow was a really great way to help it heal. Winnie is actually doing fine, I think she will struggle more after the baby comes. She’s only upset here because she wanted to take some more pictures, and I would not let her hold the camera on her own. I’m losing it too. The third trimester is always when I’m most hormonal and tired. I’ve definitely lost my patience, had to escape to go cry so the girls wouldn’t see me, and have been yelling orders around with very little effectiveness. There have also been many moments where I have had patience beyond what I could ever imagine having while handling all the intense emotions around here. The waves of distraught seem to be matched by waves of calm. I keep just thinking that we’re going to have to just ride out the next few months…and then I realize that it’s really going to be riding out the next few years. Realistic expectations.

Anyways, Winnie was the cutest outside with her little hands in her pockets, they both had pigtails that had been in for a couple days, and Chuck wore my old hat and helped put Winnie’s shoes on (the wrong feet…but still). They love helping their dad with any and everything he does, and they can be entertained for hours by throwing sticks into the fire. We played until the last light, exploring the back part of the yard to remember to keep clearing it away. The girls served James dinner in the tiny play house (real great for the back, I’m sure) before we all went inside to have popcorn for dinner. Even when every day feels like a disaster, they are still the best part of my life.























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