Portrait of Play, Week 52

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-81

Christmas day. Sunny and warm. Plaid and new presents. A baby doll that pees, and a car that goes beep. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas time, and this year felt particularly rushed and unChristmasy. Still, it’s a thousand times better celebrating any holiday with kids and family. I watched the kids as they played family with Charlotte’s new baby. They fed her water from her bottle and watched in amazement as she immediately peed it out. They took her on adventures to the pasture and creek and even took her sledding; well, sledding the way we do it in the south. Charlotte is now at the age where I don’t see her all day when she’s out playing with cousins. Winnie got to open up a shiny new white beetle from her grandma for Christmas. She’s still got a lot to learn about driving it, but she’s got the horn part down. After spending as much time as possible outside, we finished off the day with a Christmas tree cake for Daddy’s birthday, conversations with friends and family, and entertaining game of charades.

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-8


12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-10

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-12

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-15

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-18

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-20

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-21

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-22

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-23

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-27

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-32

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-36

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-39

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-41

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-42

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-44

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-49

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-52

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-57

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-58

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-60

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-63

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-64

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-68

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-69

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-70

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-77

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-76

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-80

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-82

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-86

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-90

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-91

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-92

12-25-16, Christmas-PortraitofPlayW52-96


2 thoughts on “Portrait of Play, Week 52

  1. your husband’s birthday’s on christmas day? i think it’s the nightmare for every kid (less presents), though in adult age it doesn’t matter…
    my best wishes for this new year!

    1. My husband loves being able to complain about his birthday being on Christmas, and now it’s pretty great for him because he gets to spend it with his entire family. Best wishes to you as well!

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