Portrait of Play, Week 40


An ordinary day includes lots of time on this couch. It’s got to be at least 10 years old. I think James got it at Ikea when he first moved to Chicago. The cushions used to be cream, then they were turquoise, and now they are some sort of faded dirty gray. There are stains everywhere, and the supporting wooden structure has broken at least a handful of times and screwed back together with additional wooden supports. We’ve always had an idea to make a new couch, so we’ve never wanted to replace it…but like everything else in our house, well, we’ll get to it.

The girls gather on the couch and peer out the front window routinely to watch the dog across the street or random squirrels race up the trees, to see the mail get delivered and the trash picked up, and to wave to our neighbor Joe. There are also several stories that we read on the couch, and it often becomes a swimming pool with a diving board or just a safe landing pad. It’s where we go to snuggle when someone gets hurt or loses control or is just feeling needy. It’s definitely part of our history and a fun place to play.















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