Portrait of Play, Week 25


It’s summer, which means long full days with school aged kids; late nights, early (for us) mornings. We’re all a bit exhausted, so this weekend we had a chill, lazy, quiet house day. Charlotte was busy doing this and that on her own…when I would peek in on what she was doing, she would look at me and either verbally or physically say, “Stop it, Mom.” One of the times was because she was using all my post-it tab things that she must have thought I would care about being wasted. I didn’t care. I’m noticing patterns and sorting have been on Charlotte’s mind a lot lately within her play. I was trying to clean, and kept moving the stroller from the kitchen until she told me that she needed it parked there for their picnic. Her babies were getting dressed (thank goodness we have finally reached the stage of the babies getting clothes put back on them and not just taken off them), fed, and played with as part of their tabletop picnic. Winnie was tooling around, sometimes with a baby, sometimes with a handbag, and sometimes with a harmonica. She lucked out to eventually find Dada on the couch and sabotaged his Father’s Day nap. I think the harmonica melody and baby snuggles were worth the failed attempt at rest. I would have interfered, but I think that was a better gift.














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