Portrait of Play, Week 17


Our neighbors found Paco shivering and alone in their driveway. They took her in and were caring for her until she was ready to be released. Well, they needed to leave town, and so we were in charge of Paco. We put Paco through some basic survival training that included tail strengthening, fear management, and escape exercises. Chuck taught her tricks like going up her sleeve and made a couple playgrounds and homes for her out of blocks. She was Chuck’s little baby, getting rides in strollers and placed in doll highchairs and pretty much any tiny basket or container that she could fit in. Paco was pretty cute for a baby possum, but you know, kind of gross too. It was all entertaining, but one night I couldn’t sleep; I was terrified we were possibly starving Paco to death and doing more harm than good. The neighbors were going to be back in just a couple more days, but Paco had to go. The next day, I found out that it was actually illegal to care for a small wild animal without a license, so Paco took a ride in her pot to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Thank goodness my mom got the girls a possum stuffed animal and book, as that has helped ease the sadness of the absence of our furry little guest.














2 thoughts on “Portrait of Play, Week 17

  1. Winnie in her little summer romper and chubby baby legs…….Oh man. I love it! Abe is not chuncky at all, and I miss baby rolls.

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