Portrait of Play, Week 12



Two college girls and their moms took a road trip to the south for Spring Break 2016. Grandmas and Girls Gone Wild. Apparently there were several detours on the way, but they finally made it here just as Charlotte fell asleep on the couch after spending the entire night looking out the window, waiting. When Grandma comes, she always brings a huge extra duffle bag full of projects, most of them involving large messes or large amounts of candy. I was a little worried it was going to get out of hand since she drove this time, but she filled the extra space with my youngest sister, her college roommate, and her mom (also my mom’s friend…they are essentially family). The week was full of late mornings, longer than expected city explorations, tourist attractions, and yummy drinks and treats. The Pinterest portion of the week included graham cracker birdhouses, bath bombs, this shaving cream thing, painted nails, and I’m sure plenty more things that were cleaned up before I got home. The processes always seemed like a lot of fun, though the products were sometimes a little questionable. The still-wet misshapen bath bombs that are on my counter definitely deserve the “nailed it” hashtag. I’m sure it didn’t help that I kept bringing extra kids over to share in the fun. The grandmas and girls got to experience the official start of pollen season, where the air and every outdoor surface is covered with a thin film of yellow pollen. We all went out into it for the shaving cream project. The kids enjoyed using sticks to marble the food coloring in the shaving cream with Mom, Marissa was keeping Winnie from eating any of it, Angelene was working on a tan, and Tammy was documenting it all. I felt useless, so I grabbed my camera as well. My mom’s friend is a photographer and made sure to capture the chaos of the week. That combined with all the extra hands having meals ready when we got home, playing with the girls, and cleaning up all the extra messes made us feel pretty spoiled. Charlotte was devastated to see Grandma go, and I had to hold her as she kicked and screamed, “I want Grandma,” as they drove away. It’s been a rough transition back to reality for all of us.





















3 thoughts on “Portrait of Play, Week 12

  1. I felt so bad that we got stuck in dead stop traffic because of two accidents! We should have arrived at your place by 7:30……..poor Char, tried to stay awake! We did have the messes, but my favorite memories are in the bedtime routines. Snuggles in my arms as we took turns saying…… I love you bigger than _________ I would say an elephant, she would answer bigger than the moon. Her sense of humor even came out when she would say things such as; bigger than Ang, or bigger than your nose!😳😂😂😂😂
    Rocking Winnie to sleep as she gazed in my eyes as I sang her lullabies and her sleepy eyes finally succumbed to sleep. Well, until I would try and lay her down, then her little arms would reach up to me to hold her once again!
    What a beautiful week I had! Now, if I could only catch up on those hours of lost sleep!

  2. Awwwhhh I miss the girls so much! My toenail polish from Miss Char is still looking good. Wonderful photos, you’re way ahead of me. I haven’t even downloaded mine yet. I’ll share when I get them edited.

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