Portrait of Play, Week 4


I caught Charlotte at the sink playing in dirty dish water. I had asked her to wash her hands after lunch, and she stayed lingering a little longer in the warm water. I had been meaning to wash off some shower toys that haven’t been used in a while and were pretty gross, so I asked her if she wanted to play in the water and clean them off. She did and wanted to get in the sink, and there was no reason to say no. She put on a swimsuit and enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon sink swim. There were two babies sleeping in the house, and water play was a worthwhile investment in peace and quiet. Charlotte found some additional dishes and pumping bottles from the counter to add to her moldy shower toys. She poured and mixed and scrubbed. I realized I had forgotten all about the sink bath, and that Winnie has never had one. The poor girl rarely gets a bath, and when she does it’s as an afterthought to a bath needed by either Charlotte, myself, or both. Soon, Winnie, you can experience the excitement that is a sink bath.

James has been working hard on finishing the new cabinet doors that will hopefully be painted and installed soonish. I like to kid myself and think we should just go ahead and get the backsplash done while we are making more of a mess of the kitchen. We’ll see.

The babies woke up, and the water had turned cold. Winnie has a tooth on top that has finally made its way to the surface. Teething seems to be a lot more bothersome for Winnie than it ever was for Charlotte, and the drool is out of control. Her new tooth on top is on the opposite side as the tooth on the bottom. I really hope that it grows all the way out before she gets another tooth because that will be the cutest crooked smile I could ever imagine.















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