Portrait of Play, Week 2


Charlotte’s uncle, who was her lifeline to gummy bears and gum, moved out. It was nice having another person around, especially one who loves the girls so much. We are going to miss seeing him regularly, but I’m sure he won’t mind not having to worry about loud children or an obnoxious older brother…or a sleep-deprived, snarky sister-in-law. And now there’s this room available we can use as part playroom, part art studio, part classroom. It’s nice to have the space where box projects can hang out, and I can shut the door to them. It’s also dangerous to have the space. I was feeling kind of proud that Charlotte had acquired my resourcefulness until she argued with me once about keeping her orange peel because she was going to “use it for something.” In my head, I was in complete agreement (oh sure, you can use it to make paper, put it in vinegar to make a cleaner, you can make a collage), but our house is too small for two hoarders, so she had to throw it away. Still, art and tinkering with raw materials is important to me, and I want the girls to have space to create. So, the boxes will stay for now. In the last few days, Charlotte has made the boxes into space ships, a made-up game that I wasn’t allowed to know about because it was not for grown ups, pop goes the weasel props, houses, and presents. I’m sure Winnie will love her new carseat, but for now the box is the main attraction.
















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