Portrait of Play, Week 47


Charlotte came home from an afternoon at G and Papu’s farm exclaiming that she could climb the tree now. The tree is a cousin favorite, and is perfect for climbing, swinging, and hanging. There is a huge wisteria vine  that wraps all around the tree providing extra steps and swings and supports. While her cousins would brave the branches, Charlotte would usually swing on the vines, but for some reason she decided to make the climb this past week. When I asked her about it, she said it was because she knew how to do it now. She said, “first, you step inside the tree, then you climb up on the branch, like this.” When we were down at the farm over the weekend, she demonstrated her new climbing skills for me. She was very proud being up there on the branches with her cousins. Chuck has always loved climbing. As a young toddler, she once scaled the cabinet to try to get a cup of coffee for me.  She now drags a step stool across the kitchen to access the top shelf in the fridge when she wants a snack. I have a feeling Winnie will be a climber too, but for now she’s content sitting and eating leaves. She’s been going to sleep with much less resistance these days, and we are all feeling a little more sane.













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