Portrait of play, Week 41


I was halfheartedly trying to clean the bathroom for some guests we had coming to town, and Charlotte wanted to help. Naturally, this ended with her in the bath. I decided to go ahead and put Winnie in there with her. This was their first bath together without me being with them, and Charlotte was thrilled to get Winnie all to herself. The bath is the ultimate playpen. It’s small enough to limit movement in a way that focuses play, but it’s big enough for a full body experience. As the water was running, Charlotte poured what seemed like an excessive amount of bubbles into the bath, but they disappeared within a few minutes (the bubble mix was very diluted from being dropped in the water so many times during previous baths). Most of our random bath toys spent the summer outside in the baby pool, but Charlotte went to collect a few when she realized they were missing. Chuck got busy “making pancakes” in the water, pouring water from one small container to another and occasionally over Winnie’s head, who did not seem to mind. I scrubbed the toilet, and they splashed around. Charlotte took her responsibility of keeping Winnie safe very seriously, and they were both giddy feeling like big girls. I was a bit giddy myself thinking about all the baths these two will share, the fights they will have about who gets to be in front, and the trouble they will inevitably get in for splashing water all over the bathroom.



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