Hilton Head, July 2015


Things I want to remember about this year’s trip to Hilton Head:

That first night, walking over the bridge and sinking into the sand. Hearing, seeing, and smelling the ocean. I can’t imagine ever going to the ocean enough to not be struck by that moment.

Charlotte was afraid of the waves this year. She loved them last year.

Ice cream cones. Splash pad. Pizza. Board games.

Walking through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and seeing a very large alligator a little too close to the walking path.

Charlotte falling off the bed one morning prompting us to all get dressed to catch the sunrise.

Friends. Sharing histories.

29July15HiltonHead-1  29July15HiltonHead-8 29July15HiltonHead-10 29July15HiltonHead-12 29July15HiltonHead-33 29July15HiltonHead-41 29July15HiltonHead-55 29July15HiltonHead-62 29July15HiltonHead-76 29July15HiltonHead-102 29July15HiltonHead-113 29July15HiltonHead-125 29July15HiltonHead-128 29July15HiltonHead-137 29July15HiltonHead-138 29July15HiltonHead-145 29July15HiltonHead-146 29July15HiltonHead-155 29July15HiltonHead-159 29July15HiltonHead-166 29July15HiltonHead-172 29July15HiltonHead-186 29July15HiltonHead-191 29July15HiltonHead-195 29July15HiltonHead-212 29July15HiltonHead-216 29July15HiltonHead-246 29July15HiltonHead-248 29July15HiltonHead-268 29July15HiltonHead-278 29July15HiltonHead-280 29July15HiltonHead-287 29July15HiltonHead-291 29July15HiltonHead-297 29July15HiltonHead-305 29July15HiltonHead-321 29July15HiltonHead-334 29July15HiltonHead-340

Last year’s trip to Hilton Head was my very first post on this blog (you can find it here).


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