“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

I went home to Iowa with the girls for 10 days at the beginning of summer. I wasn’t sure we would be able to make it out there this summer, but with the help and encouragement of family members we were able to fly there. Our time was filled with softball games, coffee with the grandparents, knitting a giant blanket, and hanging out on the farm with siblings and cousins. It’s a good thing that Iowa winters are something I wish to never experience again, otherwise I might have to think about moving back home.

1June15IowaTrip-6 1June15IowaTrip-18 1June15IowaTrip-27 1June15IowaTrip-31 1June15IowaTrip-42 1June15IowaTrip-54 1June15IowaTrip-67 1June15IowaTrip-78 1June15IowaTrip-80 1June15IowaTrip-91 1June15IowaTrip-127 1June15IowaTrip-128 1June15IowaTrip-144 1June15IowaTrip-147 1June15IowaTrip-160 1June15IowaTrip-165 1June15IowaTrip-175  1June15IowaTrip-189 1June15IowaTrip-193 1June15IowaTrip-207 1June15IowaTrip-217 1June15IowaTrip-223 1June15IowaTrip-233 1June15IowaTrip-240 1June15IowaTrip-243 1June15IowaTrip-259 1June15IowaTrip-266 1June15IowaTrip-287 1June15IowaTrip-296 1June15IowaTrip-311 1June15IowaTrip-324 1June15IowaTrip-326 1June15IowaTrip-336 1June15IowaTrip-338 1June15IowaTrip-351  1June15IowaTrip-365 1June15IowaTrip-374  1June15IowaTrip-391 1June15IowaTrip-400 1June15IowaTrip-414  1June15IowaTrip-358 1June15IowaTrip-429 1June15IowaTrip-486 1June15IowaTrip-491 1June15IowaTrip-495 1June15IowaTrip-497  1June15IowaTrip-541 1June15IowaTrip-537


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