Portrait of Play Project, Week 15



Practicing being a big sister.

We have been having lots of conversations about gentleness and personal space. Charlotte has always loved babies, both real and pretend, and I adore watching her feed them bottles and change their poopy diapers. She has also started reading to her babies. Books are a new fascination for Charlotte. Although she will often cuddle up to have a story read to her, until recently she has never entertained herself with books. I hope this quieter, more still form of play will stick around, both because I love hearing her pretend to read and because it will be suitable for our upcoming quiet and still days. While I’m getting antsy to play baby again as well, I have thoroughly enjoyed this extra time with Chuck. She seems so grown up all of a sudden. She wants to know “why” for everything, surprises me with words like “actually” as part of her responses, and she starts conversations with, “Guess, what?” At the same time, she has been pretending to be a baby herself, playing with the toys we got out for the baby, crawling around, and pretend crying. She’s my big kid, but she’s still my baby who sucks her thumb and puts her hand down my shirt for comfort.

PortraitofPlayW15-12 PortraitofPlayW15-16 PortraitofPlayW15-24 PortraitofPlayW15-26 PortraitofPlayW15-27 PortraitofPlayW15-33 PortraitofPlayW15-43 PortraitofPlayW15-46 PortraitofPlayW15-48


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