Portrait of play project, Week 8


Call the midwife!

Due to “inclement” weather, my appointment with my midwives was canceled this week. It’s been gloomy and rainy and sleety and cold here, and I was glad to not have to make the trek to my appointment. Lucky for me, I have a personal midwife at home to check my blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Charlotte recently got this medical kit from her cousin (along with the heels), and she has been putting it to good use checking on me. She copies everything she sees my midwives doing with a serious look on her face and an endearing sense of responsibility to her younger sibling she will soon have. She packed up her bag with all of her medical gear and some other random stuff she also got from her cousin and got to work. She also packed a little baby doll that she said is for her baby. As soon as she was done examining me, she started paying attention to the fact that I was taking pictures of her, and she was done…off to get a camera to snap some pictures.

PortraitofPlayW8-5 PortraitofPlayW8-7 PortraitofPlayW8-8 PortraitofPlayW8-9 PortraitofPlayW8-10 PortraitofPlayW8-12 PortraitofPlayW8-13 PortraitofPlayW8-16 PortraitofPlayW8-19


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