Portrait of play project, week 5


I’ve been trying to make more room in our house by organizing and getting rid of stuff. This process has resulted in all sorts of new props that are whisked away out of their designated piles to be incorporated into storylines. This story line starred Charlotte as a “baby” in a “high chair” eating a frozen water popsicle (bottle) that she had made some time ago and had just remembered was in the freezer. Then she set up paint cups for her dad, uncle, herself and me, and proceeded to pretend paint her chair. At some point, she must have realized that she could paint for real and arranged the table with the freshly painted chair for all of us to paint. She painted a picture for each of her teachers at her school, enjoying every sensory moment of the experience, from the sound the paint tube made as strings of paint came out in spurts, to the weight of the glob of paint about to fall off the brush, and of course to the tickle of the paint that accidentally(?) found its way to her face. I hope she always feels this confident with her creativity.

PortraitofPlayW5-22 PortraitofPlayW5-23    PortraitofPlayW5-30  PortraitofPlayW5-49 PortraitofPlayW5-50PortraitofPlayW5-37PortraitofPlayW5-54  PortraitofPlayW5-65 PortraitofPlayW5-66 PortraitofPlayW5-67 PortraitofPlayW5-72


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