Every year, I have a grand plan for Halloween costumes. Every year, I think this is the year we are going to make it happen. Once again, I was up late the night before Halloween, working on plan b, sewing a bonnet so I could be Laura Ingalls Wilder for our school’s literacy theme. Chuckie was lucky to have a hand-me-down shark costume from her cousins to fall back on, and James ended up being out of town. We joined the cousins, as is the tradition, for a walk through the neighborhood collecting candy and people watching. Chuck made it a full 5 houses before being held by her grandmother who was more than happy to accommodate her. She ate each piece of candy as she received it, not really sure of why she was carrying around an extra bag. We went home early and the little shark got sick from all the candy she had been given. I guess it’s never too early for a Halloween candy binge lesson.










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